We’re really excited to talk about the future.

What next!

Mobile Applications Club has the singular goal to promote and improve the mobile app(Android/iOS) or web development culture on campus. This was the ambition Rishabh, Mudit, Dhruv, and Vikram(our ex-coordinators) have had since the last 5 years. Currently we have 15+ apps on the Play store, a 4000+ downloads count, average app rating of 4.7, plenty of open source contributions, 3-4 GSoC selected seniors and almost all our members have either done internships or have contributed in apps which are currently on the Play Store/App store. Our newly founded iOS vertical has already released the Interpolater app, which is invaluable to freshers for courses like thermo etc, MAC is also releasing the iOS version of DoJMA in a month or two.

Every successful organization needs to expand, it needs to diversify and try new things. Apple no longer sells only computers. Google, a company founded on a search algorithm, is about to release their 3rd generation of Pixel phones. We here at MAC would also like to explore newer areas some within the Android OS, some outside it. Android things, android auto, android wear are new and upcoming platforms. Also back-end hosting and IOT will also be explored. We will together look at everything that revolves around mobile technology. Also better and more intuitive User Experience methods and techniques. We plan to have more collaborations with the administration, other clubs/departments and with on campus startups. The aim will be making multi-platform softwares to solve issues on this campus. One such is in the pipeline and will be released in about a month.

We will be taking CTE classes both semesters to inculcate the next generation of app and web developers. Anyone with a keen interest in android app dev must join our CTE: Introductory Android App Development course (no prerequisites). I would recommend this CTE to anyone who has ever opened any awesome app and thought, “How cool would it be to build one of these”. Apart from our app/web development vertical we are also looking for designers(User Interface/User Experience) people who can design interfaces on websites, apps and other IOT devices. The plan is also to start a new vertical to encourage tech discussions, monetization ideas and philosophies. Here we will discuss tech news, blunders, dissect opinions and present our thoughts. Also we plan to sort the evergreen battle of Apple v Android too ;) .

Happy coding!
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