Its always a pleasure teaching :)

QSTP 2018

QSTP is a program started by Quark BITS Goa, it includes various experienced seniors coming together to impart their knowledge/experties in a particular tech during the summers. Mobile Applications Club took up a QSTP for Introductory Android App development this summer. This was a basic into to fundamentals of AppD for students. We gave them resourses, cleared up doubts and gave them projects to work on.

Headed by Tanmay and Rushikesh this was a 2 month(summer vacation) training course on Introductory Android Development.

MAC as an organisation has always tried to involve fun with knowledge, this was another attempt to take a complex subject and demystify it for beginners.

QSTP mentees’ experiences:


My experience with Android Development QSTP has been remarkable. I always wanted to learn Android development and holidays were just the right time to do so. As it was, I enrolled in this course. Now one might wonder why choose this when there are countless courses and MOOCs available online. If you aren’t all that familiar with Android development, you will end up getting lost in an abyss of online courses. What comes to the rescue is this qstp which helps streamline your resources in an ordered fashion. We started with the basics of Java, making a simple app for Android, and as the course progressed we learned a great deal of topics, from Recycler Views and Intents to cloud based real-time databases like that of Firebase. And the best part? We had mentors who readily answered all our doubts (and let me add, they are the most PATIENT people ever) and a peer group which encouraged one to do better. I mean who doesn’t want to make the best app, right?

So for those people who are into Android development and have no idea where to begin, trust me this QSTP is the best possible way to spend your summers.

Pulket Jeph

It was a good learning experience and has done a lot to improve the fundamentals of my Android App Dev in a fun and interesting manner. The pace of the assignments given and their fun nature made it an interesting project worth undertaking.


This QSTP course has been a very nice experience for me. The initiative itself is a great one which encourages first yearites to make productive use of their summer breaks. This course in particular has been very useful and I have learned a great deal about different elements of android dev. The material provided was great and the homeworks were also innovative and sufficiently challenging. This has been a very fruitful experience overall.


This course is an awesome thing that I have done this holidays. I had very little knowledge of java at the starting but now I can make an app with it. Learning Android studio has been fun. And plus point is that we can take our own time to learn it ..overall it’s been a very helpful course.


I am highly privileged to be a part of this Android App Dev course. Mentors were really helpful in solving my doubts and guiding me in the right direction to develop a perfect App. Also I have learned a lot of things in this two months time. I couldn’t have done this without you (@Tanmay bhaiya). Thank you very much!!


I have always been interested in coding and it tempted me to learn further aspects of it. I took the mobile app development qstp for the summer vacation. It had been really helpful as the course was split properly, providing reading materials and YouTube videos for each topic. The assignments were challenging and fun, and the mentors were always ready to help with any doubt.The summer vacations have been productive due to this qstp and its a must take if interested in computer software side.


I would like to thank the QSTP team and the Introductory android development team for giving me the opportunity to make my vacations productive by teaching through interesting assignments and homeworks. The teaching material was very well organised and easy to follow and mentors were quick to solve our doubts which made it easier for us to learn in very less time. I’m sure that i can build up on the things i’ve learned from this course in the future and i recommend everyone to take a qstp in their topic interest as i’m sure it would help them get a platform to work on in that subject.


“Before joining this QSTP I had no prior interest in developing android apps.. but taking this course turned that thing around.The way this course is structured is awesome and the mentors provide you with the best of resources.. the mentors are awesome and they are always there to help whenever you find yourself struck.Highly recommended.”


QSTP Android designing has been very helpful and informative for me. I have been able to learn various aspects of app development thanks to the awesome mentors. They have provided us with good content to learn from, guided us right from the installation of the app to the various intricacies. They also assigned us fun homeworks to learn from. Overall its been a great opportunity to learn something new.


‘Introductory Android Development-QSTP’ has been very productive for me during the summer. The projects given to us on a regular basis and the feedback on our projects given to us by our mentors motivated me to learn it. The best part was that mentors were very helpful and solved our doubts in every possible way they could.

QSTP mentors’ experiences


Personally this was a great opportunity to meet young minds. Their ideas inspire me and I have learnt something new from them everyday. I am happy to have shaped them into app developers.


QSTP is really great platform for technical knowledge exchange. Participating as mentor this year was another great experience for me. We got to interact with a great pool of talented juniors both from BITS and outside. They brought with them some really innovative and fresh ideas. I am very positive that we will extend this collaboration beyond the summer term and achieve new milestones. Also, preparing the course material gave us another opportunity to consolidate and organise the knowledge we gathered from our experiance. I am very thankful to the Quark team for such a great opportunity.