Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach. Android App development CTE 2017-18 was an enourmous success. Headed by Tanmay, Rushikesh and Vikramaditya this was a 4 month(1 semester) training course on Advanced Android Development. It was a refreshing and and very inspiring to teach a new generation of developers. “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins

Here are a few mentees(CTE 17-18) with their condor experiences.

Omkar Kanade

I found the Android App Development CTE quite useful in getting a good insight into app making. Since it is taught by seniors, there is a significant level of understanding between them and the students. Having regular lectures and practice assignments from time to time helps in getting a grip over the subject. Moreover, as my project for PS1 was based on app development, I had a good head start. I would recommend this CTE to anyone who has ever opened any awesome app and thought, “How cool would it be to build one of these”.


Hi, my name is Harsh Raj and I would like to tell you about my experience undertaking the CTE course of Android App Development. I was already a part of MAC going into this course so one can assume I would have some sort of an advantage over someone who was completely new to all this. But surprisingly that wasn’t the case. The instructors, be it Vikramaditya(Ex-coordinator MAC), Tanmay(Coordinator, MAC) or Rushi(Sub-coordinator, MAC), were very helpful and most importantly PATIENT. One can simply not overstate the importance of patience. We learnt from making a simple ‘Hello World’ app to complicated ones too. One major advantage of doing this course is that you get inducted into MAC and will have the opportunity to do some real projects which will be very good for your learning and your CV. As for me, I am currently a member of the DoJMA team (a must-have app) and having done the course has enabled me to do well so far. So, finally I would like to tell readers that app development may seem pretty daunting task at first but believe me, once you take that first step, there will be plenty of amazing people around you to help you out. Hence, take the first step, join the CTE and then enjoy the journey!

Rajath Reghunath

I’ve been involved with App Development for around a year now. I started learning Java for Android as a member of the Mobile Applications Club (MAC) in first semester. Though the CTE course for AppD as such began in second semester, our instructors made sure that the non-MAC members who registered got the full version. They started from the basics of Java, making a simple app for Android, and as the course progressed we learned a great deal of topics, from Recycler Views and Intents to cloud based real-time databases like that of Firebase and latest offline database management using Realm. Now, one might wonder why one must go to the trouble of joining a course conducted by their seniors, when there are so may MOOCs and tutorial sites out there. One of the major reasons is that, if you were left to it, most people would not always take the initiative to start an online course, or more importantly, stay on with it. However, having a course like this conducted in your very own campus by experienced seniors, enables you not only to enjoy it more than a dried up recorded video but also gives you access to a helpful and patient peer group who’d help you throughout the course at your own pace. It should also be noted that you will be given the opportunity to work with a lot of good projects that’ll help you in your career. Hence, I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in programming, Java or mobile app development.

Anunay Rajans

My experience with the CTE Advanced Android Course was really positive. It helped me learn may new things about Android app development including use of firebase, realm and background activities. It helped me learn stuff which I use on a daily basis to make new apps. This helped me to get contribute to various startups. I would anyone who is interested in app development to take this course.

Agrim Agarwal

I enjoyed the cte quite a lot. It gave me better understanding of advance concepts of android app development. It also helped me better my previous concepts and learn new things like git. Also the instructors were friendly and helped me greatly in removing my doubts and giving me a direction to further explore this area


The CTE was surely a helpful experience. It helped me brush through my past learnings and I learned a lot of new stuff. If you are interested in Android Development, CTE is a must to join. The instructors were quite approachable.

Mentor views

Tanmay Dixit

Teaching programming is hard, let no one tell you otherwise. But as my computer teacher told me “no program works before it does”. And when it does there is no joy more wonderful on Earth. This experience was magical, simply delightful and taught me so much. So many new idea, so many new technologies. This past semester was great thanks to this CTE course. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” -Albert Einstein I would encourage everyone to take up this course, whats the worst that can happen, let me tell you “you will learn a lot!”.