We’re really excited to announce launch of our new website.

As this acedemic year comes to an end we must pass the batton for the club’s leadership. Its been a journey of many codes, outings and errors(Null pointers 😌). Some amazing colaborations with the administration, some great experiences teaching and just admiring the sheer beauty of technology. We hope this site also proves to be another successful endeavour.

Current Plans about the site

A home for everyone!

Providing home on internet for every member. Yes, each member will now get a homepage which he will have all freedom to customize and showcase work doen in MAC or otherwise.

Regular Project Updates

We will announce regular project updates right from commencement to launch of each project. We hope this will help keep everyone in loop and give chance to show the world the glimpse of our work.


Anyone who learns something new or gets new perspective on old thing will be encouraged to use his writing skills and enlighten others. 😊 What’s more? It doesn’t have to be strictly tech related. Anything interesting in general is welcome!

Something’s Missing?

It’s normal for a site build by hacking a Jekyll theme to be missing many parts! So please reach us (I recommend by creating a GitHub issue) for any feature requests or bug busts. As always, this project being hosted on GitHub (button somewhere on page), you are encouraged to contribute. Cheers!


  • Jekyll for creating such easy framework.
  • James Hamann for the awesome out of the box usable Jekyll Material Theme
  • Tanmay for finding theme and doing majority of crafting.