Mobile Applications Club is primarily responsible for making innovative mobile applications in BITS Goa. We are 5 years old and love to make this world a better place.

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Its always a pleasure teaching :)

Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach. Android App development CTE 2017-18 was an enourmous success. Headed by Tanmay, Rushikesh and Vikramaditya this was a 4 month(1 semester) training course on Advanced Android Development. It was a refreshing and and very inspiring to teach a new generation of developers. “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins

So finally we are out of the wake - lecture - assignment - quiz - lab - compre - no sleep cycle!

We’re really excited to talk about the future.

Comrades: Our biggest original project yet!

We’re really excited to announce launch of our new website.


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DoJMA v3

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A simple android app that automatically logs you into BITS Net upon connection to a trusted BPGC Wifi Network or a Hotspot.

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This official app provides access to content produced by the Department of Journalism and Media Affairs, the student journalism body of BITS Pilani K. K. Birla Goa Campus. Through this app, readers can access the BITS Herald (the flagship publication of DoJMA) and the BITS Gazette (the fortnightly campus newsletter) to keep abreast with the goings-on on campus. Besides reportage, this app also provides information about upcoming events on campus and information essential to everyone on campus, such as emergency contacts, important links, campus maps and mess menus. Features include- Read, save, mark as favourite and share articles from the BITS Herald Receive the latest issues of the BITS Gazette on your phone Access the BITS Herald and BITS Gazette Archives for a glimpse into the history of the campus Access and save emergency and other contacts essential for students on campus Receive event updates for lectures, workshops, seminars, festival celebrations, etc., with calendar integration Find your way around with the campus map Know what’s cooking with the up-to-date Mess Menus Find all the campus sites you need in one place with, essential links including library site, photon/moodle, student welfare division site, etc.

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An app for the NMD-ATM 2018. This app includes a timeline, FAQ and other essential details for the Research community at BITS Goa.

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An app for the Academic Research Division - BITS Pilani, Goa. This app includes a forum, FAQ and other essential details for the Research community at BITS Goa.


Tanmay Dixit


Rushikesh Jogdand


Vikramaditya Kukreja


The Team

Just look at them. Each more magnificent than previous one.


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